• The MPA programs of Zhejiang University aims to train high-level and versatile modern leaders and managers with international visions, professional competence and political integrity for governments and non-governmental public institutions during socialist modernization process. The MPA Education Center of Zhejiang University has worked with several renowned foreign universities and institutions specializing in public administration on talent training and research activities. We wish to provide Overseas Study Programs to enhance the educational quality of the MPA programs, broaden the international visions of students and improve their ability to apply theories into practices. 

    The Overseas Study Programs would be placed in the optional course section with 2 credit points, but it is not a specific course but a series of Overseas Study Programs. Students could join any program to earn the credits, which are cumulative.

    The teaching schemes of all Overseas Study Programs are jointly determined by the MPA Education Center and the overseas partners. Centering on applied public administration and basic public policy knowledge, the Programs take overseas public administration affairs as the opportunities to enhance students’ abilities to understand and apply the knowledge into practices, focusing on hands-on skills and teamwork.

    Credit points and Certificate of Completion would be granted upon the completion of the tasks and examinations arranged by overseas partners.